Have you ever thought about doing a positive change in someone else's life?
We give you an opportunity to recommend I Have The Power to your friends and get a reward for it!

All you have to do is recommend us to everyone you want to help and we’ll will take care of the rest, through our events, courses,
tools and support services.

“Help people getting what they want and you will get what you want in life” – Zig Ziglar

We believe that those who do good for others deserve to be rewarded, and so we created this RECOMMENDATION PROGRAM I HAVE THE POWER.


What is  I HAVE THE POWER Affiliates Program ?
It is a recognition and incentive program. Every time any costumer/recommendation makes a payment you will get your commission.

I do not own a Website. Can I be an IHTP Affiliate?
Yes, you can.

How can I become Affiliate?
First of all you must read our Terms&Conditions. Then send us an email telling us you want to become an IHTP Affiliate.

Which products/Services are included in this Program?
All sales made by every costumer/recommendation of yours are included in the Program.

How much do I earn by commission?
You will get a 5 % commission directly related to the amount sold. (Taxes or Postage not included)

How is the payment made?
Payment will be made on the 15th of each month, by bank transfer, on the amount to be received since the payment made in the previous month.

I do not own a Company. Can I be an Affiliate? How do I get my Commission?
You can receive your commissions as long as you send us a tax document proving that you have received them (Invoice, receipt as an independent worker, or any tax legal document)

My saved personal data is wrong or has been changed. What can i do?
Please send us an email to with all updated data.

Who should I contact for additional information?
For more information, you can contact us through the contact details available on this website.


General Conditions
This I Have the Power Recommendation Program (hereinafter referred to as the “Affiliate Program”) is intended for the sale of training products to CUSTOMERS indicated by affiliates and promoters and presupposes the following actors:

SOLFUT, Lda (hereinafter referred to as “SOLFUT”), as a marketing entity responsible for the entire sales process.

An individual or legal entity accepting the general conditions presented (hereinafter referred to as “AFFILIATE”).

The Affiliate Program is available in
The following concepts are involved:

Link – Internet address that enables dynamic connection between an user and an Internet server;
URL – internet address through which content can be accessed;
Banner – Animated image or not that can make dynamic links between URL’s within or between web sites;
Web Site – Set of pages lodged within a domain and that are visible through URL addresses.

The AFFILIATE promotes I HAVE THE POWER marketing training products, through SOLFUT, in the following Terms and Conditions:

(Identification of the parties)
This contract is established between SOLFUT, Lda. , company by quotas, based at Tv. Nova de Salgueiros, 2 Canidelo, 4400-575 Vila Nova de Gaia, legal person number 503928518, and the AFFILIATE, an individual or legal entity, which is interested and accepts the terms of this agreement, whose identifying data must appear in its own form to be filled out by the latter.

The AFFILIATE will submit your data through an existing registration on the website, stating that it is in agreement and fully understands the PROGRAM and its conditions. This agreement will enter into force only after SOLFUT has confirmed its acceptance to the AFFILIATE by e-mail, which is the means of communication that both parties should privilege.

> 3RD
The AFFILIATE PROGRAM consists of the possibility that the AFFILIATE has to place, on its Web page(s), a link to SOLFUT website or in providing an identification code to others, receiving in return and exclusively a commission on the net value of sales created directly through that same link. Other commissions may also be awarded (please see appendix).

> 4TH
Net value of sales means the amount arising from the sale to Customers/Affiliates/Promoters (excluding Consultants),  of product(s) ordered not including taxes or postage inherent and deducted from discounts or any other applicable fees. Any other type of commission will be defined in the Appendix.

> 5TH

The commission assigned to the AFFILIATE is defined in the Appendix. You can consult your monthly commission in your personal area. Any additional question please contact us by email.

> 6TH
The necessary software will be available to the AFFILIATE . The links should be made through banners or text links, available by SOLFUT, and that the AFFILIATE is responsible for its use on any web page(s) or digital signatures, maintaining the original format and provisions as they were provided. Any identification code for sales processing will be assigned by SOLFUT and will be used for the purpose for which this PROGRAM is intended.

> 7TH
(SOLFUT Responsibility)
It is SOLFUT’s responsibility to ensure the operation of the PROGRAM, which is responsible for calculating and paying the commissions due to the AFFILIATE, forwarding the order made by the CLIENT in its normal and usual way.

> 8TH
(Calculation of commissions)
The calculation of the commissions will be made only after: a good collection of sales is made; the period of withdrawal and non-return of the product is over, and after the sale is associated with the Affiliate.

> 9TH
(Payment of commissions)
The AFFILIATE may at any time request the payment of the commissions due to it, in the amount accumulated until the end of the previous month, in return for the respective tax document, and they will be paid on the 15th of each month, relating to the accumulated amount of unpaid commissions until the end of the previous month.

> 10TH
(Changes to the contract)
SOLFUT is reserved the right to unilaterally change any condition of this agreement, producing the same changes after communication to the AFFILIATE.

> 11TH
This contract has no certain validity and shall terminate as soon as one of the parties wishes and has communicated it to the other party.

> 12TH
The contract reflects the agreement of both parties, being applied the laws in force in the Portuguese Republic and for the resolution of any dispute between the parties will have competent the jurisdiction of the district of Porto, in Portugal, being waived any other forum.

This Appendix to the “GENERAL CONDITIONS” sets out the specific terms and conditions of the commissions to which the AFFILIATE is entitled.

The current commissions of this agreement establish as 5% the commissions on all products sold to Customers and Affiliates and Promoters, recommended by the AFFILIATE, excluding sales to Consultants recommended by the AFFILIATE.

I Have the Power Affiliates are legally established companies, natural persons registered as self-employed persons or individual persons, and it is their responsibility to comply with all tax obligations arising from the receipt of commissions.


Images and Links
After you approve your application as an I Have the Power Affiliate, you will be assigned a reference code (REFER) that you can use in the links you will use on your website or digital signature.

This reference code that we will call XXXXXX should be replaced in the examples of links you will find on this page, so that you can be credited with sales commissions made through your recommendation.

You may have generic links, such as the one in the examples below, which refer to the FIRST PAGE of the site. If you notice, you see that the code is 

Can you recommend any of our pages by simply replacing the address of the page with the new address, added a part? REFER=XXXXXX. If this link already has one ? , should you add &REFER=XXXXXX and not? REFER=XXXXXX.

– To recommend the Afilliates program:   > >

– To recommend the page “How to become an IHTP Consultant page”:  > >>

– To recommend Store Entry:  >>

IMPORTANT: Always replace XXXXXX with your Affiliate reference, which you may find in your MyIHTP’s Consultants/Affiliate sit-in area after you have become an Affiliate. Without that, the system can’t list your recommendations with you.

> Text Links
Copy this code and place it in places where you want to refer to the address, without being associated with an image (e.g. business cards, documents, signing your emails when you send them to someone, etc.). Take every opportunity to use this link so that whenever someone uses it, it accesses our website and is associated with your name at the time of registration and all subsequent purchases.

IMPORTANT: Remember to replace the code XXXXXX with the reference assigned to you and that is always available in your personal area.


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