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Have you ever thought about doing a positive change in someone else's life?
We give you an opportunity to recommend I Have The Power to your friends and get a reward for it!

What is the I HAVE THE POWER Referral Program?
The I HAVE THE POWER Recommendation Program is a recognition and incentive program for customer purchases resulting from the recommendation of a Member, Affiliate, Promoter or Consultant.

I do not own a Website. Can I be an IHTP Affiliate?
Yes, you can.

How can I develop this activity effectively? 
You have access to a Consultant who will be your Mentor in this process and who will teach and help you.
To contact him, just go to https://my.ihavethepower.net/dashboard and there you will find the contacts of your Consultant who will help you with whatever you need or contact us, we are here to support you in your growth with us.
We can share with you a wide range of online and offline promotion tools that will allow you to have our website working for you 24 hours a day.

How can I become a member?
Choose the option that you feel is most comfortable for you.

What products and services are included in the I HAVE THE POWER Referral Program?
All sales generated on our Web Site that have been derived from visitors recommended by you are included.

How much can I earn? 
Depending on your profile, you can earn 1%, 5%, 10%, 20% or more, as savings on your purchases and on the values ​​of products purchased by customers recommended by you, not including VAT or postage.

How does the commission payment system works in practical terms?
Whenever someone recommended by you makes a purchase, the system sends you a warning email and accrues the respective commission in your account, which you can consult online in your reserved area on our website. Then you can choose to receive those commissions or transfer the amounts to credit to use in future purchases.

I do not own a Company. Can I be an Affiliate? How do I get my Commission?
You can receive your commissions as long as you send us a tax document that proves you received them (Invoice, receipt as a self-employed person, isolated act, etc.).

Who should I contact for additional information?
For more information, you can always contact your dedicated Consultant or contact us through the contacts available on this site.


Your unique identification to recommend – your REFER

As a registered member on our website, you have a referral code (REFER) that you can use in the links you will use on your website, digital signature, in your emails or in your posts on social networks.

You can find your number at https://my.ihavethepower.net/dashboard  in the Consultants/Affiliates area of your MyIHTP, after you have logged in.

This reference code, which we will call XXXXXX, must be replaced in the examples of links that you will find on this page, so that commissions from sales made through your recommendation can be credited.

Anyone who registers through a link with REFER is automatically associated with you, so everything he buys from now on will be automatically registered and you will earn whatever you have to earn depending on the status you have at the time.

Images and Links

You may have generic links, such as the one in the examples below, which refer to the FIRST PAGE of the site. If you notice, you see that the code is https://shop.ihavethepower.net/?REFER=XXXXXX 

Can you recommend any of our pages by simply replacing the address of the page with the new address, added a part? REFER=XXXXXX.

If this link already has one ? , should you add &REFER=XXXXXX and not? REFER=XXXXXX.


– To recommend the homepage:   > > https://en.ihavethepower.net/?REFER=XXXXXX

– To recommend the Afilliates program:   > > https://en.ihavethepower.net/affiliates/?REFER=XXXXXX

– To recommend Store Entry:  >> https://shop.ihavethepower.net/?REFER=XXXXXX

IMPORTANT: Always replace XXXXXX with your Affiliate reference, which you may find in your MyIHTP’s Consultants/Affiliate sit-in area. Without that, the system can’t list your recommendations with you.

> Text Links
Copy this code and place it in places where you want to refer to the address, without being associated with an image (e.g. business cards, documents, signing your emails when you send them to someone, etc.). Take every opportunity to use this link so that whenever someone uses it, it accesses our website and is associated with your name at the time of registration and all subsequent purchases.

IMPORTANT: Remember to replace the code XXXXXX with the reference assigned to you and that is always available in your personal area.


Visit this fantastic site: https://shop.ihavethepower.net/?REFER=XXXXX

> Special Links – Bit.ly

You can place the links on platforms such as https://bitly.com/ and you can use these links in social media posts, blog articles, website links, emails, etc.


Check out our fantastic Promotions at https://bit.ly/promoIHTP  (in your case you should create links always adding ?REFER=XXXXXX)

> Special links – linkme.bio – used on Instagram pages


linkme.bio/ihavethepower – in your case you should create a page like this but the links you place on that page must all have ?REFER=XXXXXX

Promotion on social networks

Put your text and message in your posts, congruently with the brand, and using our official images.

Take advantage of these images to promote on social networks Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

>>> For Facebook

>>> For Instagram

>>> For LinkedIn