Become an ambassador of I HAVE THE POWER


In 2003, I decided to change my life and pursue the dream of changing the world, one person at a time, building a community supported by LOVE for oneself and for others, from people to people, who want to be close to each other, connected with people who desire both good and prosperity, inclusively, independently of any religion or spiritual belief, any political or sexual preference, where everyone can contribute. 

Today, this community extends to people from more than 80 countries, people from all over the world who share and want to practice our values, towards our vision and purpose, through events, continuous training, sharing experiences, etc.

We want to invite you to be one of our Ambassadors, as part of the I HAVE THE POWER family, and bring out the best in you to make this community richer and more capable.

What you need to do

To become one of our Ambassadors is simple: 

– you must already be a member of our community and registered on our site
– you must recommend this community to at least 10 friends who share these ideals. 

Depending on the number of people registered in this community, you have a different status as an Ambassador. If you have more than 10 friends, you will be a STAR Ambassador, if you have more than 20, you will be a 2STAR Ambassador, and so on.

Ways to Recommend

The best way to recommend is by talking to your friends and family who share these interests and helping them register on our site, indicating your email as a recommendation.

If you want to speed up the process, we have different means that we put at your disposal so that we automatically know who came for your recommendation.



The benefits of being an Ambassador are recognition on our social networks, on our site on the page of IHTP Ambassadors, and at our events, including our Conventions, where we will recognize the Ambassadors who have improved their status, in addition to other surprises.

I count on you to realize the dream of having a multitude of Ambassadors who, through their example, show that our vision is possible, and that we have evidence that it is possible to be happy, to succeed, respecting nature, respecting people, and helping them to be better.

I hope I can count on you and that you accept this invitation.

Thank you!

Adelino Cunha