Postponement of courses or workshops

The registration for a Course or workshop may be transferred to the following edition, if you send us your request by email to, up to 15 days from the start date of the course or workshop. 

If the trainee is absent, he/she will lose his/her right to request a further postponement.

100% – Total Satisfaction Guarantee

In addition to the general guarantees of Portuguese Consumer Law, we have created a special warranty for our Trainings, Audiobooks and Online Programs: whether you listen to an Audiobook or watch one of our trainings, put the content into action immediately. If you find that our ideas are not useful to you, you can get a refund of every penny you paid, up to 30 days after your purchase. That is what i’m saying. TAKE 30 (THIRTY) DAYS TO DECIDE WHETHER IT’S GOOD OR NOT FOR YOU!

If you are not satisfied, please contact us and we will refund your purchase.

On the other hand, if our advice produces results, please write to us telling your story! It is our way of assuring you that, in the remote possibility that your situation is so unique or difficult that our concepts cannot help you, you will not have to pay for something you cannot use.

We are results-driven and if you honestly cannot benefit from our teachings or advices, we do not want your money. It is simple. You will never know until you try it anyway. That is why we give you 30 (THIRTY) DAYS to validate our concepts, beyond any doubt. We do not just want to be able to help you improve, but we really want to help improve. If they do not help you, you won’t spend a single cent.

We are a DGERT Certified Entity, licensed by the Society of Neuro-lingustic Programming and accredited by the Association for Coaching, so it is guaranteed to have high quality Professional Training
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