"As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world (...) as in being able to remake ourselves."

Mahatma Gandhi

CHALLENGES FOR EXCELLENCE is a Fully Free Action Program for Personal Excellence, lasting 30 weeks, which you can repeat indefinitely in order to automate these behaviors in your life, since by action we acquire new habits.

This program is designed so that voluntarily and free of charge, anyone of any age can participate by developing activities and initiatives in response to 30 weekly challenges.

The goal is that each participant can, depending on the challenge proposed weekly, take initiatives and make that week their way of thinking, communicating and acting, be different, multiplying the activities that make this week an excellent week, for you and for those around you.

CHALLENGES FOR EXCELLENCE will make you feel much better, it will make you see in others and in you the immediate results of your change and the change you are generating by your example.

This program will test your motivation and commitment, your overcoming skills and your tremendous power as you lead by example. 

It's going to be an EXTRAORDINARY 30 WEEKS Program!

You can develop by yourself or by recommending us to your friends and creating a team that together can have a greater impact.

What should you do to participate and take advantage of this Program?

1. Sign up for free! You will need to:
Access your personal area (MyIHTP)

> In the “Email Notifications” menu, choose to “Subscribe/unsubscribe” our CHANGING LIFE Program” option;

From that moment on you will be included in the list of people who receive every week the next challenge of our EXCELLENCE Program.

2. Every Monday, you will receive an e-mail with our weekly challenge.
NOTE: Please keep your mailbox available. If you use email providers, such as Hotmail or others, that have size limits, please clean up the content periodically to prevent your box from getting full and so you can ensure that the contents are received.

3. Take actions that make you meet the challenge.
To ensure even better results we recommend:
– read personal development books for at least 15 minutes a day. (see our reading suggestions)
– listen to motivational content daily, taking advantage of  spare times (e.g. traffic jams) (see our audiobooks suggestions)
– often associate yourself with motivational and learning environments in personal excellence and with people in the same vein, because the environment around us is one of our strongest conditioners (see our Event suggestions)

4. Recommend this initiative to the largest number of people you know, anywhere in the world, and help more people to be better every day.

Congratulations on wanting to be better and believe that the most you’ve achieved until now,  it’s still not your Maximum.