I HAVE THE POWER is a registered trademark created in 2003, owned by Solfut, Lda, a company that exists since 1997.

I HAVE THE POWER represents something innovative and unique: a fully integrated system to train people for success.

For us YOU are the center of what we do. The system, the tools, the products and the services we offer, grouped into 7 integrated ACADEMIES, are available so that YOU can go further and be happier, in all different areas of your life, your company, your family, etc.

OUr 7 academies

IHTP Personal Excellence Academy

Being Happy is the purpose of any human being and this can be trained, developed and shared. 

The offer that we have at the Personal Excellence Academy combines the millennial wisdom of great inspirations of the humanity, NLP mental training technology (neuro-linguistic programming) and the experience of our Trainers who apply what they teach.

IHTP HR & Coaching Academy

The Human Resources & Coaching Academy provides dedicated services to human resources management,
advanced people management and talent development and retention, through certified training coaching as well as services provided by certified professionals.

From the student to the entrepreneur, from the liberal professional to the family, from the director or administrator to the line operator, everyone can benefit from the services of this Academy.

IHTP Leadership Academy

The ability to become a better Leader depends on how you think, communicate and act.
At the Leadership Academy we want, through the best NLP and Coaching tools, to help build human examples who show that it is possible to lead organizations, projects, people and their own personal lives through application of values, obtaining the desired results.

IHTP Education Academy

Education is one of the noblest roles that human beings can have, contributing to touching lives, opening minds, and guiding hearts. To ensure a better world for tomorrow, the Education Academy is inspired by the best coaching methodologies, the most current tools of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), and the accumulated experience of its professionals to deliver customized solutions to each family or educational community.

IHTP Business Development Academy

At the Business Development Academy, we help to convert dreams into reality by developing the entrepreneurial spirit that lives within us. We help develop START UP’s, expand COMPANIES, training sales teams, and ENTREPRENEURS so that better people and greater competence generate extraordinary results.

IHTP Sports Academy

Much more than just “everything will be alright”, with the methodologies and tools available in the Sports Academy, athletes, practitioners and other sports agents, will have support in the areas of training menta strategies, motivation, focus and emotional control, achieving the objectives and even results they ever believed to be possible.

IHTP Wellness Academy

Health, balance and well-being are essential assets of humanity. The awareness of the body, the perception of identity, its biorhythm, and care for it can be developed and trained. The offer of the Health and Wellness Academy is made through training systems based on NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and coaching methodologies, as well as products and services that allow results that last in time without neglecting the professionals of the sector providing them with tools to become better and better.


“Provide a Universal System of Success so that anyone can learn how to be more Successful”

In a nearby future, principles of success and methods that improve the performance of children, young people and adults will be taught in schools.

Everyone will easily access to training and monitoring allowing to improve as a human being, managing conflicts and preparing for the failures that arise on the path of those who triumph.

In this near future, the child who strives, the teacher who gives his best, the professional who overcomes himself and the entrepreneur who is ethically and socially responsible will be valued.

We're reaching millions of people on the various continents.


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