I HAVE THE POWER is a registered trademark created in 2003, owned by Solfut, Lda, a company that exists since 1997.

I HAVE THE POWER represents something innovative and unique: a fully integrated system to train people for success.

For us, YOU are the center of what we do. The system, the tools, the products and the services we have offered for 20 years are now available to you in the United States. YOU can go further and be happier, in all different areas of your life, your company, your family, etc.


We facilitate Equal Opportunities through access to knowledge to have a fairer and happier world.

“Provide a Universal System of Success so that anyone can learn how to be more Successful”

In a nearby future, principles of success and methods that improve the performance of children, young people and adults will be taught in schools.

Everyone will easily have access to training and monitoring allowing to improve as a human being, managing conflicts and preparing for the failures that arise on the path of those who triumph.

In this near future, the child who strives, the teacher who gives his best, the professional who overcomes himself and the entrepreneur who is ethically and socially responsible will be valued.

“Develop human examples that show that it is possible to succeed”

Our mission is to reach millions of people by providing them with the knowledge, tools and support to help them reveal their full capacity, realize their dreams and live the lives they can and must live.

I HAVE THE POWER® will increasingly be a reference brand in the world, known for: 

> Our Coaches, Trainers and Training Programs EXPERTISE and ACCURACY, that being one of the most demanding in the market, empower our customers results in the shortest time. 

> MAXIMUM CONGRUENCE as one only teaches what one practices, and practices what one teaches.

> LOYALTY to the company Employees, suppliers, and customers. 

> HONESTY and TRUTH materialized in the fulfillment of good practices of coexistence and transparency in relationships.

> TOTAL BELIEF in the human being’s skill to learn and to improve, as we are born to triumph.

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What distinguishes I HAVE THE POWER?
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