Adelino Cunha

IHTP Founder

Entrepreneur, Writer, Business Consultant, University Professor, Coach and Motivational Speaker.

Degree in Applied Mathematics – Computers

Advanced Management Program – Catholic Lisbon School of Business & Economics / Kellogg School of Management

“Licensed Practitioner of NLP” (Neuro-Linguistic Programming™) by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ with Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and Michael Neil in London.

“Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner” by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ with Richard Bandler and John La Valle in London.

“Licensed Trainer of NLP” by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ with Richard Bandler and John La Valle in Orlando.

“Reconnective Healing” with Eric Pearl in Lisbon.

“DHE – Design Human Engineer” with Richard Bandler and John La Valle in Orlando.

Adelino Cunha is one of the few Trainers who are part of the Elite Team of Dr. Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP), and Solfut I Have the Power is an Internationally Authorized NLP Training Center by Richard Bandler and the Society of Neuro-linguistic Programming™.

Dr. Richard Bandler,

co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic

“Adelino Cunha is a professional who loves what he does. I can say that he is a dreamer, and more importantly, is a “do-er”, who believes that learning with the best is the most important strategy to be able to help others to improve their lives. As one of our internationally Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®, he is one of our best choices for anyone that wants to learn NLP in Portugal and abroad.”

Born on the 1st of August 1963, has two children (a girl and a boy) and since 1988 he has been married to an extraordinary woman. 

He graduated in 1985 in Applied Mathematics – Computing, with a final average of 17 values in 20. He received the Fundação Eng. António de Almeida Prize awarded to the University of Porto’s best student. 

He was Professor of Information Systems for 10 years and simultaneously he successfully developed his professional activity in the area of Computing, becoming Administrator of one of the best Portuguese software companies, being responsible for coordinating large projects, in communications, banking and health sectors.

Since 1992 he has been coaching and consultant in the implementation of commercial networks in Portugal, Spain, France, Brazil and Mexico, being an expert in the implementation of incentive programs, motivational models and high performance.

In 1997 he starts a process of creation of some companies in the area of new technologies, and the deepening in the area of personal development, with special emphasis on the offer of solutions integrating technology, training, teams motivation and commercial incentives and human resources programs. He designed and coordinated the implementation of the PLS platform – a technology platform for the management of multi-sponsor incentive systems.

He has complementary training in Personal Development, High Performance and “Sales Mastery” with Anthony Robbins.


He founded the I HAVE THE POWER system, the 1st Continuous Training Integrated System in Personal Excellence in Portugal.

He was an invited Professor to the Leadership class of the DIGI-Q graduate course taught by I.S.E.P and until 2018 was also invited professor at Atlântico Business School of undergraduate and MBA chairs, in the areas of NLP and Commercial Management and Negotiation

Adelino Cunha was the organizer of the event The SECRET IN PORTUGAL, the largest event ever held in Portugal in the area of Personal Development.

On June 18th of 2008, at the Atlantic Pavilion – Altice Arena in Lisbon, 7,000 people gathered to listen to Adelino Cunha and Bob Proctor on how to apply the Law of Attraction on day-to-day.

Awards and Recognitions

Voted the Best People Manager 2015 – Large Teams (more than 20 employees).

Elected Happy Boss 2016 (the same award received by the President of the Republic of Portugal and by Commander Rui Nabeiro of Delta Cafés).

Voted Best People Manager 2016 – Large Teams (more than 20 employees).

1st Portuguese in the list of TOP 100 GLOBAL COACHING LEADERS, in an election involving 140 countries

3rd place in the BEST TEAM LEADERS of Portugal

1st place in the BEST TEAM LEADERS of Portugal in the category of INSPIRING LEADERS

1st place in Portugal’s BEST TEAM LEADERS in the category of BEST COMMUNICATION OF VISION.

2nd place in Portugal’s BEST TEAM LEADERS award. 

Published Books

Someone who has an impact on the lives of those who cross his path

Always as a guest speaker for events in several countries, he has spoken up to 20,000 people and touched the lives of more than 100,000 people to this day.

Students, entrepreneurs, football teams, coaches, high-competition athletes, and professionals from various branches of activity, take advantage of the Life Coaching, Team Coaching and Executive Coaching services, provided by Adelino Cunha, to apply The Conditioning for Success in their lives and activities.

Adelino Cunha considers himself a fulfilled and happy person, feeling an immense desire to share much of what he has learned and what he has achieved, so that others can achieve much more.