Most of our lives are spent working and if we improve Happiness levels in organizations, we will improve the world.

The I HAVE THE POWER Happiness Manager Certification is our response to this urgent and emerging need in society: to provide organizations with competent people who lead the implementation and development of strategies to improve people’s levels of HAPPINESS.

SOLFUT – I HAVE THE POWER is currently the only entity in Portugal that, for 8 consecutive years, has been in the TOP of the happiest companies in Portugal, led by Dr. Adelino Cunha, one of the few Happy Bosses in Portugal, a prize also awarded to personalities like Prof. Dr. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, President of the Portuguese Republic, or Mr. Comendador Rui Nabeiro, founder of the Delta Cafés Group.

We clearly demonstrate that we know how to create and develop Happiness programs with our people, and we also know how to do it with our individual and corporate clients.

the certification program


64 hours of classes about Happiness, Leadership, Coaching, Talent Management, NLP tools, Project Management and Happiness Development Plan implementation


A project to be prepared by the student, during 3 months, with our support, to be implemented in an organisation

6 masterclasses

6 opportunities to improve skills and continuous improvement

excellent trainers

With more than 20 years of experience and clients from more than 80 countries

what you will achieve

The Happiness Manager Certification course is a certification that will allow you to:

  • enhance the career progression of people who want to implement happiness models in organisations;
  • provide organizations with competent professionals to successfully lead this transformation and the implementation of Happiness Development Plans;
  • prepare Happiness Managers with the skills to create and implement Happiness Departments;
  • improve the ability to attract talent and develop it;
  • differentiate graduates in the market, enhancing their employability;
  • access high-level knowledge by increasing the skills of professionals in the area of Happiness;
  • expand the reflection and sharing group in this area by including successful graduates in the IHTP HAPPINESS Alumni group.

The world needs you!

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