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As we know that the hardest is not to learn, but to apply
in every day what we have learned, we choose the best TOOLS that will help you continually remember and practice what you have learned from us.


So you can develop yourself at an even deeper level and with 100% personalized monitoring, we provide coaching services so you can expand and fulfill your dreams.


Create a career with us on a global project so you can fulfill all your dreams.


As a guest speaker for events in several countries, he has spoken at events with up to 20,000 people
and touched the lives of more than 100 000 people to date.


The first time I heard Adelino Cunha was on January 3, 2016 in a lecture organized by my company. In the first quarter I had reached my annual target 🙂 I took the High Performance Course in NLP in August of that year and after that I have already recommended to two people who have also begun to change their lives, that is, to communicate in a more assertive, objective and clear way, first of all, with themselves. For me to be aware of the concepts of Neuro Linguist Programming, it was a recall and schematize the way I always made things happen in my life... but I didn't know that deep down I followed a method that for me was intuitive and now I know its reason for being and why it worked :-). There are moments in our lives when we need to know the "how" to achieve the result because we have to overcome ourselves and open our horizons and our mind... and if we know that heaven is not the Limit, but it is only the Beginning, the journey becomes much more interesting 🙂 And I must tell you that making this trip with Adelino Cunha, Jorge Mendonça and I HAVE THE POWER is like going first class and always getting further! Thank you very much to both and We saw each other on the Next Scale!
Ana Rita Pampulim


It is with high pleasure that I share my experience with GPS, I would say it is the first ticket of a trip that will take you wherever you want. GPS allows you to realize that there is a new world that is not shared with us in schools (perhaps it was no use transmitting knowledge to people who take them out of the rat race), which gives us access to a set of tools that helps us develop our potential. If you are at a stage in your life, like me, who am looking for a new direction, I recommend that you start with this action which I am sure will help you organize your ideas. Everything will start to become clearer and coincidences will begin to happen... In my case it is the second time I do this training, because the first time I did it was 10 years ago and helped me chart new paths that brought me here today, it is a tool with high potential and we can only take advantage of the use of a tool when we use it regularly, without practicing no miracles ...
Prosper Ponte


Reflecting on the course of High Performance with NLP, it permanently interferes with our awareness, especially with our system of values, beliefs and our endless potentialities. That is, it makes us more aware of ourselves, of our abilities, of the influence of others in us, how to circumvent them if they are less positive and how we can be more powerful, persuading others for us and for the common good. With this training it is clear to us that with certain habits and tools, we are all able to significantly increase our results! We just have to know how! It should also be noted that knowledge is never finite! There's always something new to learn. Although I have already done other training in this area, such as Practitioner in NLP, International Certification in Coaching among others, this helped me to revive the memory and become more aware of the theme. For me it's always a huge taste to hear Dr. Adelino Cunha. The way this form of "art" works, and the captivating way it communicates, I always want to learn more and more. And as I believe in Aristotle's words" ... We're what we do over and over again. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit." I'll always come back and never tire of learning! Thank you for everything!
Marina Torres Pinto
Founder and Pedagogical Director - "Colégio Novo da Maia"

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