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Solfut, Lda received SCORING TOP 5% -Performance and Financial soundness award for “Best Portuguese SMEs of 2020”.

This valuation attests to our performance and financial soundness.💪🏅

Club of Personal Excellence

We improved our conditions to have discounts and gains by integrating a Special and restricted Club of people who want to learn and improve with I HAVE THE POWER.

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IHTP Coaching Practitioner – ONLINE

We’re getting better all the time!
It is with great pleasure that we inform you that the Association for Coaching has allowed the realization of the 1st Online Certification that will begin on January 15, 2021.

We will be at the 2nd Open Day – CCIP

Open Day CCIP 2020 🤩 | 29th of Septembre

This year, we’ve adapted our daily life and made it totally digital where the experience will be immersive. For this, we have developed a Web App that will allow you to know and communicate with all participants.

The experience would not be complete without an exhibition area that has stands of more than 30 brands, ready to receive your visit.

Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to win several prizes!

[ONLINE] IHTP – High Performance with PNL

We can now offer our customers our ‘star’ course also in 100% Online and live format, with the motivation and joy that Dr. Adelino Cunha always puts in everything he does!


SPORTS & FITNESS MENTAL TRAINING is an I HAVE THE POWER course that aims to provide fitness professionals, athletes, technical and sports directors, sports coaches, referees, including a pack of coaching methodologies and tools, Fitness tools for Success (CPS), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) enhancing High Performance as SPORTS & FITNESS COACH.

In Porto, the 3rd edition takes place on the 11 and 12 March, between 19h and 23h. In Lisbon, the 1st edition, is scheduled for April 14, between 10am and 8pm.
This 8-hour training, certified by the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (IPDJ), assigns 1.6 CUs, aims to help align the way of thinking, communicating and acting towards success, by setting with intensity of the greatest dreams and aligning individual goals in a common goal, says Abel Pereira, Manager of sports academy, Licensed Sports Performance Coach at the International NLP Sports Academy , Graduated and post-graduated in Sports High Performance Training FADEUP, teacher and coach of athletes and high performance teams.

Already scheduled for June, the Sports & Fitness Leadership course aims to work the MANAGEMENT OF HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAMS, through new motivation and leadership skills, supported by values, in Lisbon and Porto.

Happiness Workshop – From Anxiety to Happiness – AVEIRO, LISBON and OPORTO

The upcoming WORKSHOPS I HAVE THE POWER will address the theme  From Anxiety to Happiness, where each young participant will have the opportunity to know how their mind sees the world; understand the meanings you give to your experiences; identify their mental and emotional states and how to change them; find out what influences your decisions.

-upcoming dates-
16 March (Aveiro)
23 March (Porto)
24 March (Lisbon)

-upcoming dates-
23 March (Porto)
24 March (Lisbon)

Anxiety affects the child’s thoughts, feelings, behaviors, social relationships and learning, and if we do not put a foot on the brake, it will increase the risk of mental disorders in adulthood, such as anxiety, depression and substance abuse.
Although anxiety is present in all people, helping them to deal with situations that we consider threatening or dangerous, it can also, when it happens to children and young people, go unnoticed to adults because their tendency is to be quieter and more obedient.


IHTP SALES MASTERY – High Performance in Sales with NLP

This course I HAVE THE POWER High Performance in Sales with NLP aims to generate motivation and enthusiasm during the process of capture, negotiation, sale and loyalty, through the best Tools of NLP that will allow to increase the levels of effectiveness in commercial activity, generating more and better professional results and higher levels of tranquility and security thanks to control over personal life. 

Over the course of three days there are several contents: it begins by mastering the strategies that make you a self-motivated person and becoming an example for others who seek to achieve success. With NLP tools you will practice and simulate sales situations, creating lasting relationships with customers. The organization and control of time and the immediate treatment of possible complaints, in particular, are determining factors in achieving all its objectives. 

IHTP Sales Mastery High Performance Course in NLP Sales
-upcoming dates: 
12 to 26 March (Braga)
14 to 28 March (Viana do Castelo)
14, 21, 24 March (Aveiro)
15, 16 and 17 March (Lisbon)


Motivational lecture by Adelino Cunha – Madeira – Portugal

Dr. Adelino Cunha, CEO of Solfut I HAVE THE POWER, was the guest speaker of the closing event Employment Roadmap, in which he intervened with a motivational lecture on Success does not happen by chance giving special focus to the importance of strategic thinking as a key to getting out of unemployment.

Aimed at around 1500 unemployed Madeirans, aged between 18 and 35 years, the Employment Roadmap was an initiative promoted by the Regional Government of Madeira between 22 March 2018 and 12 February 2019

IHTP Wellness Master Training


Me, Myself & I  – The essence of the Self is the theme of the first module of the innovative IHTP Wellness Master Training course, which aims to help identify, unequivocally, how and where you need to improve, in order to become professional and personally in what you have always wanted. Being eminently practical, the course aims to work on continuous improvement, through evaluation and analysis of results, improving what each needs to be, making cyclical and repetitive what is well.

At the end of this IHTP Wellness Master Training module, Master Wellness were able to, on the one hand, to know and apply effective communication strategies and, on the other hand, to understand what motivates them and makes them decide.

The essence of the course divided into eight modules, of independent frequency, running until November 2019, in Lisbon and Leiria is to lead professionals to believe in their project and in themselves, discovering the strengths they need to carry out all the tasks / changes that your business and your life ask for. To this end, it is important to have all the necessary tools to better organize the business and life, managing to take the business exactly where it is intended to be.