Sports High-Performance Coaching


What is Sports High-Performance Coaching?

Sports High-Performance Coaching is a unique and absolutely differentiating process to support athletes, coaches, and professional referees in contexts of high sports performance, to improve in what each one needs or wants and as well as he wants, accompanying each one at all levels of this process and in the direction he wishes to go, to achieve and even overcome established goals.

Sports High-Performance Coaching is a partnership established between a Coach (qualified professional) and a Coachee (who enjoys the Coaching session).

This partnership is based on intensity, commitment, excellence, results, respect, mutual trust, and professional secrecy, available in online or face-to-face format anywhere in the world, in Portuguese, English, French or Castilian.

Our Coaches for Sports High Performance are professionals with a solid background in Coaching, Sports Sciences, and complementary tools with a methodology based on a higher field in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in addition to extensive experience in high-performance sports contexts.

Far beyond just “everything will go well” and “believe you” that most of the time only serves to further increase the despair and feeling of disability and impotence that generates painful sporting failures, with the Coaching for Sports High Performance and with the methodologies and tools available, professional athletes and coaches and other professional sports agents will have support in the areas of mental training, structuring of thought, communication, motivation, focus, and emotional control, greatly increasing the probability of achieving superior goals and records in contexts of the largest and respective national competitions but also of major international competitions such as Continental Championships, World Championships and Olympic Games.

More specifically,  Sports High-Performance Coaching will support:

  • identify and ensure environmental aspects and relationships important for sports success in the context of High Sports Performance;
  • prevent, manage and mediate conflicts;
  • develop processes associated with long relationships with the same athletes and other sports agents;
  • develop talents in an ecological and sustainable way over time;
  • work mentally to prevent injury or faster recovery from possible injuries;
  • improve the mindset associated with the generation of financial wealth and financial planning;
  • identify and ensure the knowledge that is crucial to achieving the higher objectives decided;
  • improve the various behaviors in particular micro-behaviors and “automatic” behaviors;
  • improve any mental strategy that supports any behavior and its results;
  • identify the structure of beliefs, change any limiting beliefs and install potentiating beliefs;
  • identify the structure of values and align the structure of values with desirable behaviors and with the desired results;
  • increase motivation levels by working with the deepest processes of the human motivation structure;
  • improve levels of self-confidence;
  • install mental states by anchoring method that allows higher levels of performance and sports results and move forward after momentary failures or even successes
  • improve communication, influence, and persuasion skills;
  • use specific language standards to improve communication in contexts of presentation and selection meetings with decision-makers, pre-and post-competition “lectures,” game breaks, and intervals of
    competitions, time-outs, and short-term interventions, press conferences and etc.;
  • select and prepare leaders as team captains;
  • improve recruitment and team training processes based on mental and behavioral criteria, meta-programs, and value structure;
  • set goals, medium, and long-term objectives correctly;
  • clearly define a personal vision in alignment with a vision in a sporting context;
  • prepare the post-sporting career;
  • Start thinking, communicating, and doing better and better so that everything can work out maximum!

Place of service: in face-to-face or online format.

After confirmation of the order, we will contact you to schedule your session. Please indicate your telephone contact in your comments.

You can also make the appointment by contacting your IHAVETHEPOWER Consultant in various possible and usual ways.

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Álvaro Magalhães – Porto – Portugal

There were 3 very pleasant days, lived in the middle of a group of excellent people, listening and living very important teachings and that undoubtedly can help anyone to change their attitude in life, the way they face problems, the motivation for the realization of dreams, finally creating a new mentality in people’s heads. Dr. Adelino continue with your dream. Thank you for the moments you’ve lived.

Adua Reis – Lisboa – Portugal

Obstacles were meant to be overcome; targets to be achieved.

I have the power is like the sun, sometimes we can not see it, because the essential is invisible to the eyes, but it is there, you just have to be a little patience and you will see it fully discovered, spreading blinding rays of pleasure and joy of living. That is life!