Coaching for Public Speaking – 4hrs
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Coaching for Public Speaking is a fully personalized and confidential service that aims to work the strengths and weaknesses of your ability to speak in public.

As you may know, coaching is the process of supporting an individual or professional to make a change, accompanying him at all levels of this process so that he reaches the defined goals at the end. It is a partnership between a Coach (qualified professional) and a Coachee (client) that is based on respect, mutual trust and professional secrecy.

In this service of Coaching for Public Speaking you will become able to:
– eliminate your anxiety/fear of public speaking
– learn how to plan and organize your speeches of great impact in any audience
– find out how to use the best communication techniques with NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) to have exceptional performance. Through the powerful tools of NLP and CPS (Conditioning for Success), you’ll be able to change behaviour patterns.

Let yourself be guided by competent and ethically responsible professionals on the road to your transformation. For over 17 years, we train people to improve their performance as communicators and now it is time for your transformation!

Format: Online

After confirmation of the order, an IHTP COACH will contact you to schedule the Coaching session. Your life has begun to change now.
Congratulations on your decision to purchase our Coaching for Public Speaking services.

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