EXECUTIVE COACHING – Individual Session
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Coaching is the process of supporting an individual or professional to change, in what he wants and how he intends to do so, accompanying him at all levels of this process in the direction he wishes to go, so that in the end the client reaches the defined goals and improves their results.

A Coaching Relationship is a partnership established between a Coach (qualified professional) and a Coachee (client) based on respect, mutual trust, competence and professional secrecy.

IHTP Executive Coaching is the kind of service of excellence oriented to senior management of companies, department directors, professionals with C’s profiles (CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, etc.) and who want to be advised by competent people who can help them, not waste time in vain conversations, but rather in changing, being better and generating results in their lives and in their companies.

It is not by chance that we do NLP Coaching.
We have over 17 years of experience in the market, working with business leaders who make billions of euros to small companies led by visionaries, and we know that by combining Coaching with the powerful Tools of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and CPS (Fitness for Success) will be able to quickly change their patterns of behavior and enhance the results of their teams.

Let yourself be guided directly by a MASTER EXECUTIVE COACH I HAVE THE POWER, competent and ethically responsible professionals, with the safety and confidence of being accompanied on the path towards your personal transformation.

Why you should choose IHTP Executive Coaching:

1. You will work with a company that has been on the market for over 17 years, with customers from 53 countries, giving you the security of making the right choice.

2. The first company in Portugal with level 3 recognition by the Association for Coaching, a demanding entity with great international prestige, and that certifies companies and professionals in many countries, which strengthens the credibility of its decision.

3. You are opting for a company with multiple awards and recognitions that is chosen by large multinationals to train its staff

4. Comparing with what exists on the market you are making the right decision to protect and maximize your investment in your personal development

5. You will feel in this Service of Excellence one of the happiest, most intense and exciting experiences of your life.

8. Choosing the IHTP Executive Coaching Service, either for the investment of money and the time it entails, is reserved for some people who deserve it and will have a bright future ahead of them after applying what they will discover in this profound and powerful journey.

Among the many possibilities, we highlight:

– clearly and unequivocally clarify dreams;

– increase levels of motivation;

– improve confidence levels by projecting power and personal fulfillment;

– eliminate Fears and Phobias;

– improve their communication skills;

– quit smoking;

– lose weight;

– reduce emotional impact of losses;

– develop quality relationships;

– increase their levels of influence and persuasion;

– improve the ability to manage stress;

– improve the ability to lead high-performance teams.

The date of each 1-hour session must be pre-scheduled.

Place of service may be on our premises or online via ZOOM, SKYPE, other.

If you wish to take place on your premises, travel and stay costs of Coach I Have the Power should be increased, where appropriate.

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