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What is PARENTS Coaching?

This is a methodology that aims to help parents in the education of their children, finding the best way to lead, support and encourage them, ensuring that they can achieve better results in school and in life.

Many of the parents come to us to help with:
* The difference that exists in the couple as to how they should educate their child;
* The difficulty in understanding your child’s behavior and the best way to act to help him / her;
* The lack of communication that exists between the couple and the child;
* The difficulty in creating rules at home, where the children comply with and collaborate;
* The inability to cope and “respond” to inappropriate behavior by their children;
* Your child’s low self-esteem and self-confidence and how you can contribute to improving these aspects.

Take the opportunity, today, to ask for more information and accept to carry out a first diagnostic session. It’s free and it’s our offer to take the first steps towards a more confident parenting.

After order confirmation a COACH IHTP will contact you to schedule your Coaching session. Do not forget to indicate your telephone contact in the comments.

Your life has already started to change, right now. Congratulations on your decision to purchase I Have the Power Coaching services.

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