SPORTS COACHING – Increase your sports performance for Maximum performance
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What is Sports Coaching?

Sports Coaching is the process of supporting a sports agent (sports practitioner, athlete, coach, fitness professional, referee, manager and etc.) in a personal or professional context, to improve in whatever he or she needs and as he wishes, accompanying him at all levels of this process and in the direction he wishes to go, to achieve and even overcome established goals.

A Coaching Relationship is a partnership established between a Coach (qualified professional) and a Coachee (who enjoys the Coaching session).

This partnership is based on respect, mutual trust and professional secrecy, available in online or face-to-face format, in Portuguese, English, French or Castilian.

Our Sports Coaches are professionals with a solid training in Coaching and complementary tools with emphasis on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in addition to extensive experience in multiple sports contexts.

Far beyond just “everything will go well” and “believe you” that most of the time only serves to further increase the despair and feeling of disability and impotence that generates painful sporting failures, with The Sports Coaching IHAVETHEPOWER and with the methodologies and tools available, athletes, coaches and other sports agents will have support in the areas of mental training , structuring of thought, communication, motivation, focus and emotional control, greatly increasing the probability of achieving and even exceeding the objectives.

More specifically, Sports Coaching IHAVETHEPOWER will support:

  • identify and ensure environmental aspects and relationships important for sporting success;
  • identify and ensure the knowledge that is crucial to achieving the objectives decided;
  • improve the various behaviors in particular “automatic” behaviors;
  • to exist and improve any mental strategy that supports every behavior and every outcome;
  • identify the structure of beliefs and change any limiting beliefs;
  • identify the structure of values and align the structure of values with desirable behaviors and with the desired results;
  • increase motivation levels;
  • improve levels of self-confidence;
  • install instant mental states that allow higher levels of performance and sporting outcomes and move forward after momentary failures or even successes;
  • improve communication, influence and persuasion skills;
  • set goals, medium and long-term objectives correctly;
  • clearly define a personal vision in alignment with a vision as a sports agent;

Start improving, thinking, communicating and doing better and better so that everything can go better and get bigger and bigger!

Order the session now or contact your IHAVETHEPOWER Consultant in various possible and usual ways.

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