Wellness COACHING – Health and Wellness at Your Fingertips
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A WELLNESS COACH is a professional specialist in the People for Success TRAINING in Health and Well-being. He has the know-how to stimulate your personal transformation and the change of certain habits so that you can achieve your maximum Well-Being.

With this coaching methodology we aim to help you to know yourself, to define your health and well-being goals, to improve your skills and your diet and health decisions and to define your own action plan to get out of your comfort zone, overcome your challenges and achieve the desired mental, physical and emotional goals.


Your Wellness COACH will promote:

– Self-knowledge and self-care;
– The definition of personal goals linked to health and well-being;
– The creation and structuring of action plans aligned with your own objectives;
– The change of eating habits and the adjustment to your bio-individuality of each without restrictions;
– Strengthening self-esteem and self-confidence;
– The emotional management of failure;
– The practice of a physical activity;
– An increase in yourself belief and in the ability to overcome challenges regardless of their magnitude;

Start, NOW, your journey to personal transformation and achieve the results you have always desired with the confidence of being accompanied by a Coach who will guide you and help you feel GOOD, HAPPY and HEALTHY.

Session must be previously scheduled.

Place of service: To be defined between COACH and CUSTOMER, face-to-face or online.
After confirmation of the order an IHTP COACH will contact you to schedule your coaching session.

Your life has begun to change, just now.

Congratulations on your decision to acquire I HAVE THE POWER Coaching Services!

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