I HAVE THE POWER Consulting – 1 day
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The I HAVE THE POWER Consulting is a service provided by a knowledgeable and qualified professional, in the evolutionary process of an Entity (individual or organizational).

The Consulting process is based on the preparation of diagnoses and execution of processes aimed at the survey of needs, identification of solutions, the recommendation of actions, and monitoring on the ground of each decision made.

Through the most varied tools, the Consultant I HAVE THE POWER develops, implements, and enables each project, according to the specific needs of each Client.

The I HAVE THE POWER System, composed of 7 Academies, currently provides Consulting in a wide range of areas, such as:

– Consulting for Personal Excellence.
– Negotiation & Sales Consulting.
– Human Resources Consulting.
– Leadership Consulting.
– Education Consulting.
– Sports Consulting.
– Real Estate Consulting.
– So on…

In this way, we know that we will be empowering all human capacities in search of excellence and in achieving all defined objectives, whether personal or professional.

The approach is based on industry-specific experiences and committed to delivering measurable and sustainable results, which even in an environment fraught with uncertainty will lead to success.

Be part of the successful people Team, motivated by their skills development and focused on their dreams.

Purchase your time pack and contact your I HAVE THE POWER Consultant to help you through the whole process.

The time is now! Go ahead and go for it!

You are getting closer and closer to where you deserve to be and want to reach!

1 day – 8 Hours

The date of the session must be pre-scheduled.

Place of service: In our facilities.

If you wish to take place on your premises, any travel costs should be added.

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