Adelino Cunha – Motivational Talk
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Imagine the wonder when you have:

– the Best People Manager – Large Teams 2015, 2016, Happy Boss 2016, BEST TEAM LEADER elected for 3 consecutive years.

– CEO of a Happiest Company of Portugal for 6 consecutive years with customers in 53 countries,

– the first Portuguese in the list of TOP 100 GLOBAL COACHING LEADERS, in an election involving 140 countries, motivating and expanding the capabilities of your TEAM in an unforgettable talk, exclusively in your company.

Diverse audiences from countries such as Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, and Portugal have used their teachings to improve their lives, their families, and their teams.

Able to excite audiences, touching the heart and spirit of each listener, brilliantly combining the humor with the seriousness of the subjects, being able to communicate deeply with the simplest person and with the most sophisticated person, Dr. Adelino Cunha is nowadays a reference in Portugal and is a respected speaker even among his competitors who see in him an example of congruence leadership and humility.

Dr. Adelino Cunha is the author of 6 books:

– “Towards the land of dreams, ”
– “I have the power, ”
– “Born to Triumph,”
– “From zero to the left to zero to the right,”
– “The art of war in leadership” and
– “New Leaders for a New World,”

and creator of the largest audio program of continuous training in Personal Excellence, in Portuguese and Coach of Executives, Coaches and high competition athletes, entrepreneurs, students and young people.

Let your team learn directly from Dr. Adelino Cunha how to apply Conditioning for Success and NLP in their lives, to improve MOTIVATION, COMMUNICATION, LEADERSHIP skills and for your organization to generate BETTER RESULTS with higher levels of HAPPINESS.

Many people have taken advantage of this knowledge, but you are the only one who can determine its usefulness to you and your organization.

Now is the moment to inspire your team so they can get more and go where they’ve never gone because the most they’ve achieved so far is nothing compared to what they’re going to get.” Adelino Cunha

Who knows if now is the right time to leave the past behind and accelerate towards extraordinary results?


Whether in face-to-face or online format, enjoy and help your team to discover the best they have inside and expand their own capabilities.
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