GPS (Guide yourself through dreams) – exclusively in your company
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GPS (In portuguese ‘Guie-se Pelos Sonhos’) is one of the first I Have the Power courses to train people for success.

Working the CPS (Conditioning for Success), a methodology created by Dr. Adelino Cunha, you will learn in this course to prepare your mind and discover your dreams, which after launching to a prepared land, will be guaranteed to give many beautiful fruits in your life and that of all who come to know it.

In one of the most beautiful, stimulating, educational and fun days of your life, you will learn to get to know yourself better and to believe in your abilities to conquer all obstacles that prevent you from using the force that will quickly change your life. 

Many people have taken advantage of this knowledge but you are the only one who can determine its usefulness to you.

Students, entrepreneurs, high-competition athletes, professionals from various branches of activity, are currently personally advised by the I HAVE THE POWER system in their path to apply The Conditioning for Success in their lives.

What you will learn:

– How to prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically to face true success.

– How to find out what you really want from life

– what you love and what you hate

– and find out what motivates you to live life with passion.

– How to improve your communication and relationship skills, connecting easily with anyone, on a personal and professional level.

– How to create irresistible relationships in your personal and professional life

– mastering satisfactory methods for both parts.

In GPS (Guide yourself through dreams) course, you will be trained with the same key strategies, beliefs, communication practices and psychology used by the world’s leading leaders in their escalation to extraordinary success and achievement.

Duration:  8 hours

Time:  To be defined according to the customer.

Dates:  to be set according to the customer.

Minimum number of participants:  3
Maximum Number of Participants:  10

Location:  Customer Facilities


Payment of registration must be made before the start of each course – Additional travel and stay
costs, if justified.

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