IHTP LEADER – exclusively in your company
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Each day is notorious the importance of the leadership position in an organization because a true Leader is, for his team, the beacon that guides them in the midst of the storms that plague the day-to-day of organizations.

In this advanced and practical training program you will learn the best practices, strategies, tools and techniques, with the incorporation of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and Coaching, which you will transform into the Leader you deserve and want to be. You will be challenged to be someone stronger, more confident, engaging, secure and motivated, able to develop an elite team using the new features you have discovered within you, capable of overcoming limiting beliefs and mastering the best influential communication practices used by the world’s best leaders.

By the positive way in which you will “touch” the lives of your team’s employees, the increasing performance and results achieved, you will be able to see the genuine smile of an enthusiastic and committed team that lives and realizes a common dream.

Sign up right now for this course and come develop the potential that already exists within you and create an exciting vision of the fantastic future that deserves to live.

Leadership is much more than managing. It is, in many cases, know how to set a good example” – Adelino Cunha

Why should you choose this I HAVE THE POWER LEADER course?

1. You will get your training in a company that has been on the market for over 17 years
2. Only company in Portugal with level 3 recognition by the Association for Coaching, a demanding and prestigious international entity that certifies companies and professionals in many countries.
3. Company with multiple awards and recognitions
4. It has recognized quality assurance and increasing credibility in the market
5. Since we are an entity certified by DGERT, it is also a course that counts as professional training to add to your Individual Skills Register.
6. Course created by Dr. Adelino Cunha and incorporating methods of leadership and team management that allowed him to win numerous awards in this area
7. Sure to be your right decision protecting your investment

What are you going to learn?

– How to improve your personal characteristics for the role of Leader.
– What’s the difference between managing and leading.
– How to improve your communication and relationship skills, connecting easily with anyone, on a personal and professional level.
– How to develop strategies to better understand and influence other people.
– How to inspire yourself and others to achieve high levels of performance.
– How to be more effective in managing your teams

21 hours of major transformation in 3 days, on dates to be defined with the customer.

from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm but can be adjusted according to the customer’s schedules.

Nr. of participants:

To maximize the results and given that in the course will simulate environments similar to those that should have in the practice of leadership the nr. number should be 5 and the maximum number should be 15.


At the customer’s premises. Or in facilities to be rent for this purpose, or on zoom platform, TEAMS, WEBEX, MEET, etc..


Team Motivation

Basic needs – what all people seek
Motivation Structure
Structure to Accomplish More
Self-sabotage vaccine
Projecting high levels of confidence and self-esteem

Lead and Motivate High Performance Teams

Manage versus Lead
Leadership Symptoms at Risk
Characteristics of Successful Leaders
How to define and share Vision, Mission, and Values
Influence, Integrity, Attitude
Create leaders of leaders
Lead by example
5 high-performance team management models

COACHING in Leadership

Continuous Improvement Coaching
Individual Coaching and Application of Coaching in Teams
Results-oriented coaching


– Payment must be made before the start of each course
– Add travel and stay costs of the Trainer, if justified.

Registration includes:

– presence in an excellent course +
– course manual and complementary documentation +
– IHTP diploma *
– automatic registration in the IHTP LEADERSHIP Alumni + group
– 1% credit for future purchases.

Now has reached his huge opportunity, available only to a limited number of people, to be able to learn, directly with one of the greatest Portuguese experts in Leadership, what to do to put himself at the level of the best.


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