IHTP SALES MASTERY – exclusively for your company
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There are unique moments in our lives when a correct decision can forever change our quality of life and that of our family and this is one of those moments.

In this action that we carefully prepare for you will have access to the best tools that will allow you to be more effective in your commercial activity, generating more and better results that will bring to your life higher levels of tranquility and security because the control of our life is a fundamental part of what we all seek to be happy.

Have you ever imagined your emotion when you see and feel proud of your results?

In this fantastic course begins by mastering the strategies that make you an automotive person, and become the example that others want to follow to success. With the tools you will learn and practice your sales increase and create lasting relationships with your customers. The energy and enthusiasm that it has, make the business always move in the direction it intends, overcoming and overcoming each rejection and ensuring that the customer longs to buy you. Everyone you come across realizes what an extraordinary person you are. Now, the trust that emanashes and the instant empathy you get, are part of you and touch everyone. It is extraordinary the way it organizes and controls its time, how it quickly treats possible complaints, and above all how it develops a perfect relationship with its customers, achieving all its objectives, becoming the professional who is admired by all.

Developing the commercial activity is fun and exciting and with the tools you will learn in this course will raise your life to a higher level.

Wake up the Champion who lives inside you and who is eager to go out and achieve your dreams.

It is in the moments of decision that we change our lives and your life begins to change when you sign up right now in this fantastic course.

Duration: 3 days, consecutive or distributed, to be agreed with the customer

Suggested time: 10am – 7pm

Dates: A Set according to the customer.

Minimum number of participants: 5

Maximum number of participants: 10

Location: Customer facilities.

Registration includes:

– documentation +
– IHTP Diploma +
– 1% discount on credits for future purchases

– Payment of registration must be made before the start of each course
– In addition travel and subsisting costs.


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