IHTP SERVICE Excellence – exclusively in your company
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I HAVE THE POWER SERVICE Excellence is the Course I Have the Power to help improve the service of your company.

General Objective:

The participants will improve their performance with regard to cross-cutting skills.

Programmatic Content

The concept of Customer Service
– Why a Service of Excellence
– Positive factors for a Service of Excellence
– Aspects by which a Quality Service is guided
– Reactions to a Service of Excellence

Skills of a Service Professional
– Customer needs
– What is being an Excellent Professional?
– Attitudes and Behaviors of Excellence
– 5 pillars of Care
– Excellence in Service
– Plan success

The Importance of Communication
– The importance of nonverbal communication
– Principles of Effective Communication
– Communicational Attitudes
– Attitudes that oppose Empathy
– Positive language
– Communication in attendance

Answering a call:
– Rules for a good telephone service
– Good and clear communication

Conflict Management
– Causes of conflicts
– Types of conflicts
– Preventing conflict
– Negotiate
– Strategies to deal with conflict
– Styles to deal with conflict
– Practical advice

How to put difficult customers on our side?

Complaint Management

Duration: 21 hours / 3 days

Time: To be defined according to the customer.

Dates: A Set according to the customer.

Minimum number of participants: 5
Maximum number of participants: 10
Location: Customer facilities

Registration includes:

– an excellent course +

– documentation +

– IHTP Diploma +

– 3% discount on credits for future purchases +

– Payment of registration must be made before the start of each course
– travel and subsisting costs are in addition.

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