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Wonderlives STRESS OUT:

Without genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Fit for vegans or vegetarians


Only available for EU countries



Pack of 30 Capsules

fantastic discounts



1 Caps.


2 Caps.



Magnesium Aspartate

(11% Magnesium)

150 mg


300 mg

8,80 %


Magnesium Pidolate

(8,5% Magnesium)

220 mg


440 mg

9,97 %


Magnesium Lactate

(12% Magnesium)

250 mg


500 mg

16,00 %


Magnesium Glycerophosphate

(12,40% Magnesium)

200 mg


400 mg

13,23 %


Anti-caking agents| Magnesium Stearate



  • Improved mental performance and memory
  • Combating intellectual fatigue
  • Neuropsychic disorders (stress, anxiety and depressive states)
  • Convalescence after a serious illness
  • Hypomemsemia


Wonderlives Recommended Daily Intake (RDI):

1 Capsule, 2 times a day, at meals.




Magnesium is an essential micronutrient for the homeostasis of biological processes. It is found in relevant concentrations in bone tissue (53%), muscle tissue (27%), nerve tissue and erythrocytes and platelets1,2.

It participates in protein synthesis, ATP production and storage, cell multiplication, nucleotide synthesis (DNA and RNA) and stabilization of mitochondrial membranes3,4,5.

It also plays a fundamental role in maintaining the proper functioning of nerve and muscle cells, cardiac excitability, neuromuscular conduction, muscle contractile function, tone ?? blood pressure, bone integrity and glucose and insulin metabolism2.

It is a cofactor of more than 300 enzymes (hydroxylases, cyclases, ATPases) and intervenes in the metabolism of several neurotransmitters such as glutamate, melatonin, serotonin, GABA and the synthesis of nitric oxide and cytokines4.

In the nervous system, one of the main actions of Magnesium is to modulate an important ionotropic receptor found in the neuronal membrane, N-Methyl-D-Aspartate (NMDA)4,5.

This receptor is closely linked to the glutaminergic transmission and its activity is regulated by a magnesium ion that blocks the entry of calcium ions. This receiver acts as a coincidence sensor since its activation only occurs when glutamate, glycine and neuronal membrane depolarization occur simultaneously. It thus contributes to synaptic plasticity and memory formation through long-term potentiation.

When there is a magnesium ion deficit, the conformation of this receptor is altered, allowing the entry of calcium ions (neuronal hyperexcitability) and making the normal resting potential impossible4.

Increased magnesium concentration in the cerebrospinal fluid leads to a permanent improvement of synaptic plasticity and the normal functioning of NMDA5 receptors.

Magnesium treatment is especially recommended in case of prolonged stress, physical or brain fatigue and convalescence after a serious illness.

Stress Out capsules contains a mixture of 4 Magnesium transporters, which ensure a balanced absorption of this mineral at the level of the small intestine and distribution thus increasing its bioavailability.



Bifosfonates, Tetracyclines, Quinoline, Cephalosporins, Azithromycin, Stramustin, Anticholinergics, Zinc, Iron, Urso and Ursodeoxycholic Acids and Halofandrin.



Hypersensitivity or allergy to any of the constituents of the formulation.

Hypermagnesemia, Renal failure, Heart block, Myocardial injury, Myasthenagravia.

Undesirable effects

Gastrointestinal changes: Vomiting and diarrhoea.


It is not recommended to take this supplement to patients with the following pathologies: Renal or hepatic, hypertensive, diabetes, autoimmune.

It is not recommended to take this supplement to pregnant and lactating or children.



The indicated daily dose should not be exceeded.

Dietary supplements are not a substitution for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy way of life.

Store in original packaging protected from light, in a dry place and at a temperature below 25°C.

Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

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