Adua Reis – Lisboa – Portugal

Obstacles were meant to be overcome; targets to be achieved.

I have the power is like the sun, sometimes we can not see it, because the essential is invisible to the eyes, but it is there, you just have to be a little patience and you will see it fully discovered, spreading blinding rays of pleasure and joy of living. That is life!

Alexandra Branquinho Lobo – Course “I have the Power!”

I had the privilege of being part of the course “I HAVE THE POWER!” and to spend a weekend of unforgettable personal growth.
It was very enriching, since I had the opportunity to recall concepts, as well as to realize many mechanisms that operate at the subconscious level and that are reflected in our daily lives. Those details that we all see and that we often forget to value and interpret… It is so important that if we recognize them, we can consciously work and use them in our favor.
The quiet energy and at the same time the strength that kept me always active mind, with the stimulus of wanting to know more, was something that also enchanted me.
All this was reflected in a team spirit, of trust and sharing among all participants in the course, which was also an asset.
I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Adelino Cunha for the enthusiasm with which he fulfills this mission and the simplicity with which he transmits the necessary tools so that, who really wants to, can change the course of life, fighting for his goals, towards the conquest of his dreams.
Now… is to put into practice day after day and embrace the results with the smile of those who triumph and are in good with life.

Álvaro Magalhães – Porto – Portugal

There were 3 very pleasant days, lived in the middle of a group of excellent people, listening and living very important teachings and that undoubtedly can help anyone to change their attitude in life, the way they face problems, the motivation for the realization of dreams, finally creating a new mentality in people’s heads. Dr. Adelino continue with your dream. Thank you for the moments you’ve lived.

Amélia Correia – Leadership and Motivation of High Performance Teams

About the IHTP LEADER Course – Leadership and Motivation of High Performance Teams …
It was three days of constant discovery and growth. It just won’t make a difference in this life who has gone unrelated to her or has not stopped to hear what she has to say, who has long discovered the treasure that each one carries. The difference is in using this wealth source and knowing or learning how to get to it For me was possible because I had the privilege of finding Dr. Adelino Cunha, whose wisdom, enthusiasm and humanity, makes everything closer. Thank you for this fabulous trip.
With a hug,

Ana Carla – High Performance with NLP

Regarding the NLP course and because it is also the first contact I had with this methodology, I take it as very positive.

It triggers in us a process of stopping to think, something we can not always or want to do. I also believe that the fact that it was done in an auditorium and with the presence of a large number of people has further enriched the exchange of experiences, also based on the clear realization of the same level of doubts and uncertainties with which we debate in the day to day, in professional or personal, we. At the limit, the comfort that i would not be the only one to want to improve, was also quite positive.

As for the content of the action and in the face of the programmatic description, I fear that some of the themes were touched very lightly, and therefore not having gone against the expectation with which I decided to move on to it. However, I also know that it is the first experience, and that if I want, I can, of my own free will, and resorting to other formations, to deepen what I want.

Finally, and with regard to its performance, a true attitude is a differentiating attitude. I fear that sometimes some situations have skimmed the threshold of theatricalization, a situation which , I believe to know, is also an appropriate methodology at this level of audience.
In addition to all this, its simple, available and almost individualized attitude to all trainees, leading me to believe that special people are the most accessible.

Anonymous customer

To the whole team
I would like to leave a message of thanks to all of you for the way you work and interact with people.
I’m 60 years old and about 2 years ago, I felt apathetic without wanting to work wishing very much
to retire to stop facing the difficulties that life presents itself to us.
I ate inalittle, which made my mobility smaller and smaller.
One day I woke up with a feeling that what was happening to me would have to change, trying to ask for help.
I searched the internet and found your company, I signed up to receive your emails and from there I never stopped until I reached my goals.
Currently I attend a higher education course being already in the 2nd year, already intending to go further when i finish it.
My life has changed radically and with the help of my family, work and study, I have lost a lot of weight and
I feel young to be able to overcome all adversities.
To the whole team, thank you very much and always continue to commit to your values, always being in a continuous improvement, helping the success of all.

Hélder Marques – Coaching and NLP

“(…) I was present at a recent training in Porto organized by the Karate Association, although I was
linked to Handball I believed in the value of what I was going to learn in this training and was undoubtedly very valuable.
I work with handball adapted for intellectual disability and this weekend we get off-to-back
Champions of Europe, throughout the competition I applied some knowledge that transmitted to me about
NLP and they made all the difference in a final that at half-time we were losing and we turned around.
All this to tell you my THANK YOU FOR sharing and for awakening me to the importance of
Coaching and NLP, I found that inserted in a communication strategy can be brutal in this type of
population where it sometimes has immense difficulties in dealing with situations of competitive stress, self-
esteem and deal with success/failure…
I will undoubtedly be attentive to the next formations on the subject (…)”

Nelson Ramos – “The only real obstacles in life are those we create ourselves.”

(…) On the 18th of this month I started the first Winners Club in the school where I teach. It’s a big step in my professional career, in an area that I want to work hard because every day i see how important it is for young people.
I have to thank you for the friendly, motivating word you gave me, it’s the trust of people who are missing.
In recent months I have read a lot about personal excellence and the ways to achieve success. I loved reading your books (I’m now reading the last one, “Towards the land of dreams”) are fantastic, as well as that of Dr. Amaro Frutuoso and Dr. Joseph Murphy. I’m overjoyed because there’s so much to learn, there’s no crisis that’s going to stop me!
I am now putting into practice everything I am learning, I have prepared an excel sheet with the phases applied, now missing to fine tune the “machine” with practice.
Today I understand the importance of continuous improvement meetings that Adelino promotes, It takes me to be arround people who look at life like me, know that I have people who will be supporting me, because that’s what I’m going to miss, friends thinking the same way I do!!! This here in the inner Alentejo is far from everything.
It’s another challenge to overcome and value my achievements!
Thanks again for everything!
A big hug!