Better People achieve Better Results.

Adelino Cunha


I HAVE THE POWER® products and services help to develop each individual by promoting a culture focused on developing a better 
BEING, who can DO more and DO better, to ACHIEVE extraordinary results.

We believe that the best results, those that are most relevant, happen because people become better.

We focus on helping better people to develop and by that they will be able to get the results they need to the extent of their Dreams.

Conditioning for success

Through the application of our method ‘Conditioning for Success’, it becomes possible to quickly and sustainably modify personal thoughts, communication and action patterns, with impressive results at a personal and professional level.

‘Conditioning for Success’ is the ideal methodology for those who want quick results, for those who want to have a high performance life  and for those who want to turn their dreams into reality.

Decide today to apply in your life Standards of Success, conditioning yourself positively to live a fuller, more passionate and happier life.
With us you will find the MOTIVATION you need to give more value to life, with simple and effective methods, proven in practice, and with the accompaniment that allows you to define your Dreams and work to realize them.
You will rescue and develop Attitudes, New Ways of Thinking, New Ways to Communicate, and you will learn how to continually OVERCOME yourself, loving the process and feeling a huge Happiness by turning your Dreams into Reality.
The true leader leads by example. Through your example, you will LEAD in your family, in your work, in your community

A new life

Feel like a new person, transformed, motivated, confident, safe, focused on Success, and with unwavering beliefs to achieve it.

Listen to the inner voice that has told you that you are not only what you have achieved to this day, but can be much more, can be happier, more accomplished and contribute to a better future.

See yourself as a beautiful human being, confident, capable, determined, and gushing happiness in everything around you.

Get ready for a New Life with the power to start building from
now on.