LIFE COACHING with Dr. Adelino Cunha

What is Coaching?

Coaching is the process of supporting an individual or professional to change, in what he wants and how he intends to do so, accompanying him at all levels of this process in the direction he wishes to go, so that in the end the client reaches the defined goals. A Coaching Relationship is a partnership established between a Coach (qualified professional) and a Coachee (client). This partnership is based on respect, mutual trust and professional secrecy.

Life Coaching acts on a personal level in all areas of your life.

Through the powerful NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and CPS (Fitness for Success) tools you will be able to quickly change your behavior patterns.

Let yourself be guided by competent and ethically responsible professionals, with the safety and confidence of being accompanied, on the way to your personal transformation, directly by a Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP – Dr. Adelino Cunha – someone who learned from one of the founders of NLP – Dr. Richard Bandler .

Among the many possibilities, we highlight:

  • clearly and unequivocally clarify their dreams;
  • increase levels of motivation;
  • improve confidence levels by projecting power and personal fulfillment;
  • eliminate Phobias;
  • improve their communication skills;
  • quit smoking;
  • lose weight;
  • reduce emotional impact of losses;
  • develop quality relationships;
  • improve your relationships;
  • other.

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Álvaro Magalhães – Porto – Portugal

There were 3 very pleasant days, lived in the middle of a group of excellent people, listening and living very important teachings and that undoubtedly can help anyone to change their attitude in life, the way they face problems, the motivation for the realization of dreams, finally creating a new mentality in people’s heads. Dr. Adelino continue with your dream. Thank you for the moments you’ve lived.

Adua Reis – Lisboa – Portugal

Obstacles were meant to be overcome; targets to be achieved.

I have the power is like the sun, sometimes we can not see it, because the essential is invisible to the eyes, but it is there, you just have to be a little patience and you will see it fully discovered, spreading blinding rays of pleasure and joy of living. That is life!