01 – Pack Affiliate

Welcome to the team of IHTP Affiliates.

As an IHTP Affiliate, you will have access to a wide range of advantages during 1 year, such as:

Discount of 5% on the purchase of products/services IHTP
– You earn 5% on all purchases recommended by you
Public recognition for your performance
Participate for free in 3 days IHTP courses, provided that you have already attended them and have in this course at least one of your customers
– Develop an activity with no limits on what you can earn
– Have a personal Mentor that will help you to maximize this activity
– Access to Partners Meeting, a monthly event of learning, recognition and socializing

Subscribe to this Pack now and start saving and earning.


Recommend - IHaveThePower

Recommending is simple and will generate fantastic results for you and for those who receive your invitation.

Whoever registers on our site, on your recommendation, will immediately win:

  • automatic subscription to Motivational Thought of the Day
  • Automatic Personal Excellence Challenge of the Week subscription
  • the fantastic audiobook ATTITUDES TO WIN
  • the possibility to double the credits you accumulate in an order, if you place the 1st order within 72 hours

In addition to automatically earning the credits they accumulate whenever they make a purchase on our site, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction you’ll get from watching your friends improve.

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Álvaro Magalhães – Porto – Portugal

There were 3 very pleasant days, lived in the middle of a group of excellent people, listening and living very important teachings and that undoubtedly can help anyone to change their attitude in life, the way they face problems, the motivation for the realization of dreams, finally creating a new mentality in people’s heads. Dr. Adelino continue with your dream. Thank you for the moments you’ve lived.

Adua Reis – Lisboa – Portugal

Obstacles were meant to be overcome; targets to be achieved.

I have the power is like the sun, sometimes we can not see it, because the essential is invisible to the eyes, but it is there, you just have to be a little patience and you will see it fully discovered, spreading blinding rays of pleasure and joy of living. That is life!